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Beaten Rice (Avalakki) - A Legendary Oil-Free Crunchy Snack

What is Beaten rice? Beaten rice is a product made out of unhusked rice. To produce it, unhuske..

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Kodubale - A Crunchy All Time Favourite of Most of the People

What is Kodubale? It is one of the tasty, traditional chats. It's unforgettable that our mother..

₹60.00 ₹67.00


Navadhanya Mixture (Hurigalu) - A Spicy, Healthy, All Season Chat

Navadhanya - An irresistible combination of nuts and pulses Spicing up the tongue with one of t..

₹35.00 ₹45.00

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Nippattu - Yummy. Spicy. Crispy.

Nippattu - Yummy. Spicy. Crispy. Experience the joy of having nippattu that melts in your mouth..


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