All started in 1989 in a small town called Sringeri, located in Karnataka, India with nothing but a second-hand board and the skill of making very tasty pickles, coincidentally, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, which is considered by Indians as a perfect day for starting anything new. Many pilgrims visiting Sringeri visited the home-business outlet since then and in 1996, a customer from Vijayapura (then known as Bijapura), Karnataka, for the first time, wrote us a letter to send 2 bottles of tooth powder and he would pay cash on delivery.
Since then, more than 40,000 customers all over the country have received their products. Over 90% of the customers paid as soon as they received the parcel with the bill inside it, and rest of the customers informed us that they would pay as soon as possible! Now, after more than 2 decades, we have switched over to Pre-p
Unsurprisingly, over 40% of the customers who place orders are referred to by their friends, relatives etc., and have never visited our store. 99.5% of all customers are absolutely happy with our products and delivery service. Rest of the customers have suggested many valuable ideas to improve the delivery service, and we have partially implemented that, and will be eventually implementing it completely.

To make it more convenient to you, we are offering a completely secure and instant payment method. We will bear the extra charges for that.