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How many people you know are abstaining from spicy food, just because the chilli peppers cause flatulence? How would you like to have something which spices up the food without causing the flatulence problem, while making the recipes even tastier?

Bird's Eye Chilly

Bird's eye chillies, cultivar of Capsicum annuum, are small-sized extremely spicy chilly peppers. With the spice ranging from 1,00,000 SHU through 2,25,000 SHU. It not only has its own aroma, which enhances the recipes you use these peppers in, but also has an surpisingly wonderful appetizing taste.

Why should I use these chillies instead of Green or Red Chillies?

  • Health is Wealth - While green chillies and red chillies cause gastric, this little miraculous piece of nature helps you fulfill your desire to eat the spicy hot foods without worrying about gastric. Studies have also shown that it is very effective in controlling cholesterol.
  • Deliciousness - The unique aroma, taste and heat of these small chillies hit three of your senses simultaneously like nothing else, letting you enjoy that wonderful food.
  • Appetizing - When was the last time you felt like you can't miss eating something? This is going to make you experience that wonderful feeling again.

How can I use them?

  • In your regular recipes: Add directly into your recipes instead of green chillies or red chillies.
  • Curd Chilly: Dip it in butter milk, leave it overnight, then dry it in bright sunshine. Repeat the cycle for 2-3 days. Then stop dipping in the butter milk and only dry it in the sunshine for a few continuous days. You can then deep-fry these curd chillies in oil and spice up your meals.
  • Pain Oil: Many people fry it in some edible oil and apply the oil on the areas of body affected by arthritis. They verdict it works.


If it is spicy and doesn't cause flatulence, does it also not affect piles?

No, it is not suitable for people with piles. As a matter of fact, it's better for people with piles to avoid all kinds of spices.

Is this a natural variety or GM?

This is a natural variety chilly. This is neither hybrid, nor genetically modified.

100% Natural
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