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Cinnamon Sticks - Strong, Raw, Unprocessed [with oil in it]

Cinnamon Sticks are one of the major ingredients that comprise the authentic taste and aroma of popular cuisines like Bisibele Bath, Pulav etc.. Enjoy the originality in your cookings with these genuine, raw cinnamon sticks.

  • Raw [contains its oil in it] - Let the naturally present oil in the sticks serve turn your cuisines from great to greater.
  • Healthy - Cinnamon sticks are considered to be very good for human liver, and improves digestive process.
  • 100% Natural - No adulteration. No preservatives. No flavouring agents.

Can I use this other than for cuisines?

Sure you can. This works as a wonderful multipurpose spice.

  • Just add a small piece of this stick - along with a few crushed seeds of cardamoms, a clove and a small piece of ginger - to a glass of tea and enjoy the home-made world-famous masala tea.
  • Add a piece of this or two to a vessel of boiling water, and let the aroma spread throughout the house. This is considered to be the best room freshner to get rid of odd-smells.
100% Natural
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