Sringeri Kunkuma - Red
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Sringeri Kumkuma - Authenticity. Divinity. Together.

Make your rituals complete with the authentic Kumkuma, made out of hand-pounded turmeric powder. Say goodbye to the synthetic - and potentially carcinogenic - colours that are widely sold in the markets in the name of Kumkuma. Use our original Sringeri Kumkuma with total peace of mind.

Note: If you are looking for Dark-red Kumkuma,

The original Sringeri Kumkuma is made of pure, hand-pounded turmeric powder, lime, lemon, ghee and more genuine ingredients that altogether turn into Satva - The Essence.

Available in 2 colours: Click here for Maroon (darker one) and this is Red (brighter one). Both are original.
  • Pure and Divine - Use original Kumkuma prepared in the way defined in the Shastras.
  • Healthy - It won't leave a burnt-scar on your forehead. Totally free from cancerous colour powders.
  • You put, it sticks; you wipe, it falls - With the perfect sticking consistency, it's easy to put and and take it off. It will only be on your skin as long as you want.
100% Natural
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