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Sringeri Kumkuma - Authenticity. Divinity. Together.

Make your rituals complete with the authentic Kumkuma, made out of hand-pounded turmeric powder. Say goodbye to the synthetic - and potentially carcinogenic - colours that are widely sold in the markets in the name of Kumkuma. Use our original Sringeri Kumkuma with total peace of mind.

The original Sringeri Kumkuma is made of pure, hand-pounded turmeric powder, lime, lemon, ghee and more genuine ingredients that altogether turn into Satva - The Essence.

Available in 2 colours: Maroon (darker one) and Red (brighter one). Both are original.

  • Pure and Divine - Use original Kumkuma prepared in the way defined in the Shastras.
  • Healthy - It won't leave a burnt-scar on your forehead. No artificial colour powder.
  • You put, it sticks; you wipe, it falls - With the perfect sticking consistency, it's easy to put and and take it off. It will only be on your skin as long as you want.
100% Natural
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