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Cloves - Strong, Raw, Unprocessed [with oil in it]

Make your cuisines special and unforgettable with the speciality spices from Simha's Spices & Herbs. These raw cloves, in addition to adding up the spice, is considered to provide extraordinary health benefits.

  • Raw [contains its oil in it] - Let the naturally present oil in the sticks serve turn your cuisines from great to greater.
  • Healthy - dentists worldwide use cloves to treat the dental problems.
  • 100% Natural - No adulteration. No preservatives. No flavouring agents.

Can I use this other than for cuisines?

Sure you can. This works as a wonderful multipurpose spice.

  • Just add a clove - along with a few crushed seeds of cardamoms, a few pieces of cinnamon sticks and a small piece of ginger - to a glass of tea and enjoy the home-made world-famous masala tea.
  • Bite a clove and keep it between your upper and lower jaws. You should get rid of the toothache in the shortest time possible.

Important Notes:

a. The ones you get are the raw cloves. So, when you byte, the oil released will cause a burning sensation to your tongue. But for good, it's NOT going to cause any side effect.
b. In case you have a heat-body and/or frequently experience mouth-ulcers, consider twice and use only a tiny bit of it.

100% Natural
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