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Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Thokku - Spicy, appetizing dish for your meals

Childhood memory of almost everyone in the eastern countries are linked to this mouthwatering fruit rich in Vitamin C and iron contents. The incredible sourness, though strong enough to make us wring our mouth and face biting it, somehow made all of us get more of it. We all know the unmatched combination of the fruit with salt makes it irresistible.

But in the recent days, people want to have this fruit for attaining amazing health benefits we gained during our childhood, but are unable to consume it due to several - rather acceptable - reasons (such as over-sensitivity of teeth). Go back to the joyful moments of your childhood with this wonderful Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Thokku.

Besides the unforgetatble taste, amla has its own health benefits:

  • Have a healthier, brighter, unprematured skin: The Vitamin C, richly present in Amla, protects your skin from free radicals with its highly powerful antioxidant property. The property also helps in preventing prematuring of skin. This helps you
  • Acidity-free lifestyle: Amla is commonly used as a great solution for acidity. Get relieved from acidity with this wonderful fruit.

Note: If you prefer to consume amla in the pickle form, you might like Amla Pickle.

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