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Cautious about your sacred thread containing unnatural materials? Consider the natural Yajnopaveetham / Janivara / Janeu presenting for you.

What is the purpose of Yajnopaveetham?

Contrary to the common belief that Yajnopaveetham is a symbol of religious identity, the purpose of this traditional accessory goes far beyond the identity of wearer being a Brahmin.

It’s a very meaningful, symbolic representation of one’s maturity to take a new perspective on life (also known as the “second birth”). It’s a reminder of one’s commitment to explore the spiritual layer of the universe towards attaining the Supreme knowledge of Existence.

The traditional accessory, this cotton Yajnopaveetham, is sure to give you the satisfaction.

You can now choose from two of our variants:

  1. Traditionally Knotted: Ready to be worn, for an absolute convenience.
  2. Un-knotted: For a more satisfying experience of tying the knot yourself while reciting Gayathri Mantra.


What is Yajnopaveetham / Janivaara / Janeu?

Yajnopaveetham is a cotton thread wound into 3 loops, and then terminals knotted together in a certain way, called Brahma-gantu, i.e., the Brahma-knot. It is worn by Brahmins, Vaishyas and Kshatriyas after Upanayana samskara.

What is Traditionally Knotted variant?

The traditionally knotted variant comes with Brahma-gantu.

What is Un-knotted variant?

The Un-knotted variant comes with open ends, i.e., without a knot.

How do I knot the Yajnopaveetham?

Here someone (completely not related to us) has beautifully illustrated the process. Kindly go through this video.

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