Pure Chyavanaprasha - Made at Ayurveda Standards
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Net weight: 500 grams

Stay healthy in this hard-time of COVID19 with the hand-made Chyavanaprasha.

✅ 100% Authentic: Because there are industries that produce in different ways, this one is prepared by carefully maintaining the absolute standards of preparation as defined in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures at every stage, ensuring the best result.

✅ Non-Industrial: Unlike the industrially produced Chyavanaprasha (that's available in almost every grocery store), this is one, made in a very small scale, will help you experience the highest standards Indian ancestors had set during the Vedic era.

✅ Boosts Immunity: Recently, AYUSH Department of the Indian Government and Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India, have called the citizens to intake 3 products as a measure to promote immunity.

  1. Chyavanaprasha
  2. Kadha / Kashaya / Herbal Tea / Herbal Decoction
  3. Haldi + Milk

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