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Rangoli Powder - Original Powdered White Stone to make rituals true

Rangoli Powder is powdered form of a white coloured stone available in India. It is normally used for drawing geometric patterns - rangoli and mandala for rituals.

We all know that the positive effects of any spiritual rites - or daily rituals - can only be found when it's done in the right way, at the right time, with the right materials - all in compliance with the definitions in Shāstras. In the name of convenience, most of the events now are held by compromising with at least two vital aspects. As far as we have seen, the three most-commonly replaced authentic materials by the visually similar ones are: first being Pure Turmeric Powder by synthentic colour, second being Original Kumkuma by synthetic colours and the third being Rangoli by chalks and fancy colours. Replacing original materials, full of Satva, with the modern alternatives will only drain the time and effort put to do all the work.

Make your rituals authentic and gain all the benefits that were supposed to be gained by the rituals.

  • Satva - All materials we sell are original and therefore full of sattva, generating satvik results.
  • Comply with Shāstras - While the world is off the track, make your ritual in compliance with the Shāstras.
  • Easy to draw - The free-flowing Rangoli powder is far easier to draw with and easy to correct if you make a mistake while drawing.
  • Rarely found ones - Rangoli is one of the rarely found pooja materials in the recent times. So grab yours when it's available.
100% Natural
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